Sunday, December 30, 2007

of Malacca

malacca #5
Malacca #5 cover photo for Triple-M (Malaysian Mensa Society Monthly Magazine) Sept 2007 issue

Excerpt from Malacca, Voices from the Street by Lim Huck Chin & Fernando Jorge
"We began by listening to the voices of ordinary Malaccans. We listened to the city's streets, as we searched out hidden corners and abandoned alleyways. Listened to houses and temples, ruins and cemetries. Even to the murmurs and whispers of empty spaces. We listened at every turn, at every step. To the living and the dead. The past and the present. In the hope the story of extraordinary place and its people would be told. And we heard them speak. "

Nope, I haven't read this book despite having bought it during my last trip to Malacca. Hopefully in this spirit of listening to what history, be it for the sake of aesthetic remembrance or the value that lies in the heritage of the city, or perhaps just the street or alley, one can appreciate the beauty of it in itself.