Friday, April 25, 2008

Malacca snippets

malacca snippets
through the window of Malacca shophouses

You know I wonder, what would become of this place 5 years down the road, even just 2 years down the road.
Who'd still use that classic frame, that golden coated timbre carved piece that holds photographs beneath that reflective glass.
Who'd use this purplish-maroon hue sofa that tells what era it's from.
Who'd still use that circular socket with a rectangular switch.
Who'd still sit in that ratan chair at that far end of the kitchen fanning the charcoal fed stove (I used to squat and fan my grandma's soya bean drink, trust me it tastes so much better than gas boiled ones)

You know sometimes, when people purchase antique goods and place them in their living rooms, they seem out of context?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Of Old Airport Road

I overslept on the bus the other day on my to meet with some friends for coffee. I hurriedly got off the bus and found out that i ended up in a place i haven't been to for quite a while.

it did feel sorta familiar, thankfully i had a camera in hand. figured i'll just snap a shot.

Old Airport Road, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Early housing flats are a favorite in Proconservation (along with shophouses). These flats and its neighbours at Dakota Crescent still retain that old brick work charm.

The land these estates sits on is also known as Kallang Airport Road.....they say there used to be an airstrip here, thus old airport road. I guess the roads were pretty wide here in the past because my mum often ran to the nearby national stadium carpark to watch car races when she was a youth. They would hold similar ones near her estate too.

i also recall it being the setting for the local motorcycle movie "chi feng" (Jiak Hong). Automobiles seem to have a strong affinity to this area no?...hmmmm formula one anybody???

I remember coming here when i still a kid to visit some relatives and boy did i love the food at the nearby hawker centre. I hope they don't disappear altogether when the new stadium is built. (which reminds me...Huilian! lets go National Stadium! plis?)

apart from the new kitchen extensions and paintjob nothing much has changed, you get the large open fields and very airy interiors. The lattice brickwork(not shown in pics..sorry)and open ciculation spaces reminds one of the time when natural ventilation was a must and not an add on.

I would have investigated more but my return bus was coming.

If anyone knows more about the area, architecture and other info (personal or otherwise) please do drop a message.