Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Converted Tram Stops

MART's Cafe along a tram line and that means the only way to enter this little joint is by taking a tram (of course you could drive there, but nothing beats stepping out of a tram and walking straight into a cafe). You see, MART's a converted tram stop, there's little history or references to go by but my hunch tells me it was once a control or rest station for tram drivers on duty.

MARTMARTDining Table Set Up


we love alleys, we love cafes and when cafes and alleys come together, something really good happens

MELBin50mm: alley

Centre Place/Degraves

i hangout here so much, i heard each cafe's playlist at least twice. I think i should pay rent, which i do, in the form of coffee, all kinds and types with their little nuances. Darn am i going to miss this place