Friday, October 10, 2008

Schiffbau, Zurich

Schiffbau, Zurich
Schiffbau, Zurich

It was a warehouse, sited amongst the industrial buildings and factories.

The plaster walls were deliberately chipped off to reveal the steel channels that held the large spans of the interior space, the rusty texture of weathered sienna hue commanded a certain rustic charm. Then there were sleek modern furniture and fittings that spoke the language of modern utilisation, posters glued to the wall and notice boards informing of the activities that went around during day and night.

A concrete space was inserted within this warehouse, the finishing left as natural as it could be and given a modest appeal to complement the exisitng quality of space within, while light filtered in subtly through the high ceilings on that Friday afternoon. One feels secured in the hall yet liberated due to the vastness of clear span spaces.

I truly admire this piece of work.

"The architect Peter Kern, who was responsible for the conversion project Schiffbau (shipbuilding), has made the shipbuilding hall into an experience room for theater, music and gastronomy. Each one leads its own life under the huge factory roof. In this way this former industrial building turns into a veritable town within a town consisting of the aquarium-like glazed square of the LaSalle restaurant, the Trendbar and Nietturm lounge, four rehearsal stages, as well as the concrete cubes of the Box studio theater and the well-known Moods jazz club. The heart of the entire site is the indoor theater itself with its charming generous dimensions. "

Schiffbaustrasse 4
8005 Z├╝rich