Friday, April 3, 2009

Of Charm

“Charm is more than just beauty.” - Proverb

SIT prewar flats
Tiong Bahru SIT Prewar Flats

“For all that passes, passes by the stiars,
and all that comes, comes by the stairs;
letters, announcements of births, marriages, and deaths, furniture brought in or taken out by removers, t
he doctor called in an emergency,
the traveller returning from a long voyage.
It’s because of that that the staircase remains
an anonymous, cold, and almost hostile place.”
- George Perec

I think I'll head down to this quaint place again and perhaps discover the nuances that render this place charming. I can't wait for the hols to explore explore!
Anyone that knows anything about this place being a "den of beauties" please drop me a message here.

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